SRV Record for MineCraft server

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Since not-so-recent update, you can connect to your Minecraft server using custom domain name without the specific port number after the hostname, i.e.
SRV Host Record is required for connecting without typing the port, and this article provides instructions on how to add a SRV Host Record for domain names registered with

Finding Host Records page

After you register a domain name with our Registrar, you can start editing its Host Records right away.
Select your domain at "My domains" section of your customer account and click on "Edit" under the Host Records column.
A new pop-up window will have a list of current Nameservers and a line for adding new Host Records right above the "Save" button - this is where you need to add all the required Records.

Adding Host Records for the domain

The following information is crucial in order to proceed further:
1) port of the server;
2) IP address of the server.

If you already have this information, go to the next step, if you do not have it - please contact your hosting provider, they should be able to assist you.
Now, you need to add two Host Records:
1) First one is an A Record that points your domain to IP address of the server.
Leave the "Host" field of the Record empty or add a subdomain of your choice (enter "game" for subdomain, etc.), select "A" Record type and enter IP address of your server in the "Value" field.

2) Second Host Record is an SRV Record which specifies the port of your server and other details explained below.
Enter "_minecraft._tcp" in the "Host" field of the new Record. Select "SRV" Record type. The priority field should be set to zero. The "Value" field should have three parts divided by spaces - weight, port and target. Example of "Value" - "0 25565".

Explanation to SRV:
1. _minecraft is a name of the Service;
2. _tcp is a protocol name;
3. 0 in Priority field means that this SRV Record will have the highest priority between other SRV Records;
4. 0 in Weight is an extension to Priority field;
5. 25565 is the port your Minecraft server is set to use;
6. is a Target: Your Minecraft hostname, must be the same as in A Record set in the previous step.
The default value of TTL (Time to live) entries of Host Reco is 300.

Saving the settings

At the end, you should have the following Records: A SRV 0 0 25565

Save the Host Records and allow some time for the changes in DNS system to update globally.
Usually it takes an hour or two, but in extremely rare cases it may take up to 48 hours to come into effect.

After the settings apply, you will be able to connect to your Minecraft server using only hostname, stated in the "Host" field of A Record, in our example it is