How can I set a Renew method for my domain name(s)?

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You can set a Renew method for your domain name(s) either one by one or to use the Bulk action for more than 2 domain name(s):

1) If you want to set a Renew method for single domain name, click on the symbol in the same row with your domain name in the "Renew" column:

2) If you want to set a Renew method for multiple domain names, select the domains of your choice and click on "Set renew" at the upper "Choose action" menu:

You will see the following window where you will be able to choose the Renew method for your domain names:

NOTE After Automatic Renewal feature is enabled for your domain names, our system will automatically renew them using the funds available on the balance of your customer account.
Your credit card or your PayPal account will not be charged for automatic renewal.
This means that you have to credit the balance of your account prior to the expiration date of the domains that are set to be auto-renewed.

More information regarding the domain renewal can be found here: