How can I pay for my domain names and other associated services?

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There are 5 ways to pay for your domain names and any other services associated with your domain names:

1.Via Paypal

We accept payments via PayPal. You can pay with your credit/debit card or from your PayPal account balance.

2.Via Bank Transfer

We also accept wire transfers. Possible fees/commissions are paid by you. We will credit your balance with the actual amount received.

Note: Bank transfer can take up to 5 working days and you have to inform us about when the payment is done.

Our Bank details are:
Company name: URL solutions INC.
Company address: 2777 Stemmons Fwy., Suite 1655, Dallas TX, 75207

Bank name: Bank of America
Account number: 488054697353
Routing number:
111000025 (ACH)
026009593 (wires)

When the wire is sent, please inform us.

3. Via Credit Cards

We accept payments via credit cards.

After selecting this method, please enter correct details to complete your payment:

Then press on Submit Payment

4. Via Webmoney

We accept payments via webmoney.

5.Via Balance

If you have credited prior your balance via PayPal or Bank Transfer and you have funds available, definitely, you are able to pay for the services from your balance.

Note: all your transactions can be found here: (section "Balance" in the upper right corner under your current balance account) and invoices here: (section "Invoices" in the upper right corner under your current balance account). Add funds you can do by visiting this link: (section "Add funds" in the upper right corner under your current balance account):


In total during check out you have these options: